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Information is your organization’s most valuable asset. Delivering it should be more than just displaying read-only text and graphics. Deliver it in the most exciting way! A perfect blend of art and technology, our Information kiosk makes information access an enriching experience. Equipped with multimedia, touch screen and a customizable presentation software, it is an ideal medium for displaying any kind of information. Since it is able to capture photographs and record motion pictures, it is well suited for security applications as well. Based on open standards and built with industrial-grade components, the kiosk can run on any platform anywhere on the planet.


  • Displaying Products/Services Information interactively using multimedia
  • Advertising Agencies, Media Buying Houses
  • Package Status Tracking at a Courier/Postal Service Centre
  • Catalogs at Libraries and Video Shops
  • Audio/Video Libraries
  • Attendance Recording
  • Video Conferencing
  • On-the-spot Registration for events/seminars
  • On-the-spot Issuance of admit cards/passes
  • Issuing Identity cards/Licenses at government offices
  • For self service at Reception Desks
  • Security Applications
  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Business Centers
  • Corporate Showrooms
  • Personnel Identification Security Applications
  • Access Control Security Applications
  • Biometric based Security Applications e.g. AFIS, Iris Scan etc.

Internet Kiosk
Information Kiosk
Advertisement Kiosk
Bill Payment Machine
Card Vending Machine
Model: GS-557 IK

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