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Three hundred years ago when people started using paper notes as currency, they did not perceive that one day they would be using them with the machines - putting the currency notes in and taking the commodities out. Today Genesis has made this a reality. Our state-of-art card vending machine can accept all denominations of the world’s major currencies, vending up to six different types of cards, tickets or passes at a time. This makes it ideal for conference and exhibition passes, tickets, tokens, phone cards, cellular and Internet cards.

Trade with the kiosk, feel the difference!


Vending of

  • Calling Cards
  • Internet Cards
  • Mobile Phone Cards
  • Payphone Cards
  • Tokens at Self Service Restaurants
  • Charity/Donation Tickets
  • Tokens/Passes for Seminars, Conferences etc.
  • Scratch Cards for Promotional Schemes, Lottery etc.
  • Lottery and Raffles Tickets etc.
  • Fixed Amount Credit and Debit Cards
Model: GS-647 CV

Model: GS-646 CV

Internet Kiosk
Information Kiosk
Advertisement Kiosk
Bill Payment Machine
Card Vending Machine


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