A team of motivated engineers and professionals joined their intellect and started a small but a vigorous venture in 1986 under the name of Scientific Technologies. The company initially provided solutions for industry to enhance production through automation and, modified the older versions of manufacturing plants. It was an era of computerization and industries were rapidly seeking to enhance their capability to achieve the higher production results. Scientific Technologies successfully provided what the industry was seeking.

After serving the industry successfully the company decided to launch its own product line instead of providing just solutions and system maintenance.
In 1996 Scientific Technologies launched an innovative product; computer controlled precession measuring and recording machine mainly used for measuring and recording various measurement solution still being used by industry has been a source of reputation for reliability and economical designing. Later the company designed and sold incubators, medium size hatchery and a range of pasta plants.

In the year 1999, just before the Y2K, the company merged with another group of dedicated professionals and hence a new identity Genesis Solutions has risen.
Genesis Solutions is delivering customized solutions, state-of-the-art kiosk and numerous consoles for various requirements. We have been a trend setter and pioneer in gaming and amusement industry as well as in creating new concepts in vending industry. We are continuously adding sophisticated products lines and also providing solutions for rapidly growing industry.

Genesis Solutions has firm relations with its customers and with the distributors. Over a short period of time our products are well recognized and have successfully created an image of reputable solution provider.
The fast growth and rapid expansion in the market have presented us wide opportunity and a competitive environment, where we are retrieving our quality and providing state-of-the-art products and solutions at an affordable cost.

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