Total height on extension (for dish platform): 35 ft above trolley base
Total height on retraction (for dish platform): 3 ft above trolley base
Expected weight of dish and its platform: 300 Kg
Maximum expected weight on trolley: 1.5 ton
Maximum expected wind loading: 1002.5N

6 stages, each raising the dish platform 5.9 feet above the trolley base.
24 Mild Steel (MS) links, 8.3 feet long.
Mechanical locks for the mechanism to be fixed in position at 3 different locations roughly 12 feet apart.
Manual lifting of the platform using a manual hydraulic pump linked to the circuit of the electric-motor driven hydraulic pump.
A towing mechanism using a universal bearing linked with the axle for controlling the direction of the trolley.
Platform height and link-angle indicators using mechanical needle and dial arrangement.
A detachable waterproof covering for the dish platform mounted on a metal fram.
Manual ratchet jacks for leveling the trolley.
Guy wires for additional support against excessive wind loading and balancing issues.

MS (C-Channel, Sheet, Chequered Plate): Mass 1185 Kg.
Hydraulic Pump: Flow rate 0.02m3/min (5.5 gpm).
Electric Motor: Power 3KW (4hp).
3 Hydraulic Cylinders: Bore 70 mm, Stroke 585mm, Capacity 2.25 Liter (each).
Manual hydraulic pump: 68,948kPa (10,000psi).
Hydraulic Lining: Length 27.4m (90’), Diameter 9.52mm (3/8”).
Oil Reservoir: Capacity 10 Liter.
4 Manual Leveling Jacks: Capacity 10 Ton (each).
Top platform Area: 2.7m x 1.5m (9’ x 5’).
4 Tyres: Diameter 495mm (19.5”).
Stainless Steel Guy Wires: Length 48.7m (160’), Diameter 10mm.
Maximum Weight of Assembly: 2.5 Ton.

Model: GS-489-E

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